Navigating these 
turbulent times

Navigating some turbulent times

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is first a humanitarian tragedy with repercussions that are global and there does not seem to be an end in sight to the suffering. All at Automotive Logistics would like to express their concern and sympathy for the people of Ukraine, and support the country’s fight to retain independence in the face of military aggression. The sooner peace is regained, the better.

The impact of the war on the global automotive supply chain and supporting logistics network has caused immediate disruption to plants in Europe and Russia. The conflict could also have a long-term impact on sourcing and the delivery of parts and vehicles. It is just the latest a run of global disruptions, including the Covid pandemic and semiconductor shortage, that have put the importance of the supply chain in the spotlight. Even though disruption is a fact of life, those responsible for supply chain management in the automotive industry have been put to the test at a faster pace in the last two years than previously.

Yet the imperative problem solving and need for ingenuity also has benefits for the automotive industry. Efficiency and cost-saving initiatives will have positive long-term repercussions that are also sustainable. The automotive industry has some tight deadlines in terms of regulation on emissions. What many in the industry are finding out is that supply chain sustainability can come as a side-effect of lead-time optimisation. Companies are using the latest digital tools and AI to reduce logistics waste and lead time on the inbound supply of parts, as well as speed vehicles to market, as our interviews with Kevin Austin at Toyota and Martin Corner at Volvo in this edition reveal.

As is customary in our spring edition of the magazine, ports and maritime logistics in Europe feature strongly and provide a great example of where gains are being made to make the outbound transport of finished vehicles more environmentally friendly. Despite the fluctuations in vehicle throughput, ports in continental Europe and the UK have continued efforts to make operations more sustainable, again supported by strong team work and the latest digital technology. That is also the case with respect to our industry viewpoints from ICL and Inform.

The automotive industry continues to navigate turbulent times but there is every indication that it is on course for a more sustainable future.

Marcus Williams

Editor, Automotive Logistics Digital Editions

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