Day 2

Wednesday 16th September

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Live 2020 provides a platform for the industry to debate the areas of recovery, what needs to be rethought, reinvented, how to accelerate growth and the strategies required to meet the new realities of today and tomorrow.

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Morning espresso and welcome to ALSC Live day 2


Session 10: The European Pact Sustainable Industry 2030


The European Pact for Sustainable Industry aims at scaling up the impact of individual efforts made by companies, industry federations and EU leaders. New Deal for Europe that has sustainability, climate action and inclusiveness at its core. Here the latest developments and impacts on the automotive industry.

Stefan Crets, executive director, CSR Europe

Session 11: Real world supply chain dynamics


Navigating a path to Supply Chain Stability, Trends, Insights, and Strategies for the turbulent 12 months ahead. As the world awaits a vaccine and effective therapies to treat the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chains are going to be subjected to rapidly changing supply and demand with legacy planning tools that are ill-equipped to forecast deal with unprecedented levels of uncertainty. The session will look at the factors that have and will impact capacity and pricing for our primary modes (road, ocean, and air) and discuss strategies to enhance short term resiliency, manage cost, and ensure supply chain integrity. 

Steffen Ringhofer, global account director, DSV 

Torge Mahnken, global account director, DSV

Session 12: Rethinking supply chain resilience 


The coronavirus crisis has underlined how vulnerable the supply chain is to shocks and is leading some manufacturers to reconsider their inventory and planning strategies to better mitigate disruption and instability. Does this mean a rethink of lean and just-in-time?

Michel Morvan, co-founder, executive chairman, Cosmo Tech

Amlan Bose, COO and senior vice-president, Smart Links Technology

Wim Blomme, head of automotive solutions, supply chain, DP World

Session 13: The rise of supply chain 4.0


Join this session to learn how the internet-of-things (IoT) can help organisations with a multi-stakeholder supply chain to optimise costs associated to the fleet of returnable industrial packaging by reducing resources waste, improve inventory management and gain on business predictability. 


Ahmed Abdelhalim, IoT solutions director, Alps Alpine Europe

Benjamin Mazet, product marketing director, Sigfox

Session 14: Opportunities in global trade


The pandemic took its toll on international trade and shipping, including impacts on air freight capacity, shipping and intercontinental rail schedules. But as trade picks up, how will trade networks evolve in the near and long term to meet increased demand and fluctuations in capacity.


Wolfgang Lehmacher, Independent Consultant (moderator)

Brent Malvin, CEO, Gallega Global Logistics

Session 15: The new automotive world order – future mobility supply chain


Advancements in technology, environmental concerns and the pandemic are shifting mobility patterns, from electrification of last mile delivery vehicles to urban scooters. Along with a move towards more on demand mobility services in logistics and transportation. What role does supply chain and logistics have to play in delivering new mobility safely and efficiently?


Tracy Yi, CEO, Arrival Elements BV, Arrival

Session 16: Arsenal of health – the supply chain story


During the initial peak of the global pandemic, the automotive industry was called upon to support the production and delivery of medical equipment, such as ventilators and PPE, to support health systems around the world. In this special session, we explore how General Motors and Ceva Logistics collaborated and mobilsed their global work forces to rapidly create new production lines and supply chains in the effort to fight Covid-19 and save lives.


Miguel Tavera, director global inbound logistics and containers design, GM

Dave Dudek, executive vice-president, global automotive and tyre sector leader, Ceva Logistics

Session 17: Believe the hype! Mobility and transport of the future


Hyperloop technology is a ground-breaking innovation set to revolutionise the global mobility and transport sectors. Join this session to get an inside look at this game-changing technology and understand how visionary companies are redefining what is possible when it comes to transporting goods and people, and what the opportunities are for the automotive industry. The future of mobility and transport is exciting and it's already here!


Juan Quintana, chief strategy officer, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Session 18: Packaging and container management


Keep up with the new materials, tracking technology, connectivity and product requirements that will continue to transform and optimise automotive packaging and container management.


Anthony Minyon, senior manager, packaging and environmental, Toyota Motor North America

Axel van het Kaar, carline supervisor, material flow and packaging engineering, Ford Europe

Jake Goodman, manager, logistics ‑ packaging, Rivian

Sanjiv Takyar, head of innovation, solutioning and strategic marketing, Chep Europe

Session 19: Electric vehicle and battery supply chains


With EV and battery production in significant ramp up mode, with incentives to stimulate demand, get to grips with the specific regulations, equipment and packaging requirements, fleet impacts and service opportunities to manage electric vehicle supply chains.


Greg Henninger, director of global logistics, Lucid Motors

Charles Franklin, senior national manager, sales, Glovis America

Victor Arabe, senior manager, business development, Glovis America

Session 20: Start-up supply chains


The automotive industry is seeing new entrants, tech firms and EV start-up companies jumping into the supply chain. Gain insight into which start-ups are succeeding and what are their logistics requirements.


Amy Paulsen, vice-president of logistics, Rivian

Achim Glass, senior vice-president, global head of automotive, Kuehne + Nagel

Marko Weisshaar, head of supply chain management, Ineos Automotive